Foundation of Photography

Duration – 2 month


First Day: Basics of photography and various aspects of photography.

Second Day: Understanding functionality of the Camera.

Third Day: Understanding modes like White Balance and true color. Exposure Compensation and metering Modes, Focus Modes, understanding selective focusing, Understanding about Lenses and focal length.

Fourth Day: Exposure compensation, D lighting etc. Basic understanding and rules of composition.7 Different Rules of Composition.

Fifth Day : Basic Photoshop and enhancing images, sizing, converting to Black & white, Photoshop tools, exposure/contrast, Raw v/s Jpeg, Color correction, a basic comparative of Photoshop v/s Traditional dark room and relevance of Photoshop in photography today.

Sixth Day: Practical session, review of all classes.

Seventh Day: Composition, understanding space and composing pictures.

Eight Day: How to do Studio Portraiture and how to use lighting techniques to create character in portrait. Use of studio lights and flash light in portraiture and various types of lighting Techniques.

Ninth Day: Still life and product lighting. Understanding photography objects and learn the use of studio light in product and objects lighting.

Tenth Day: Advance Photoshop and enhancing images, Photoshop tools, exposure/contrast, Color Correction.

Day 11: Advance Photoshop, HDR, Panorama.

Day 12: Review of all days and guided practical session.

Day 13: Visual Creativity

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