Personality Grooming & Communication Skills

Ever tried to know why we like or dislike some people on the very first occasion we meet them?

When we approach new people for professional or personal reasons, we convey certain things by the sheer way we carry ourselves, our clothes and body gestures.

It is very important that we come across as a positive, confident and enthusiastic person especially during professional meetings.

For a successful career particularly in modeling, fashion, media and films, it becomes all the more important to establish our personality as a strong and effective one.

We are offering an impressive, emphatic and excellent course in personality development and communication skills.

After completing the course, you will be able to explore your potential and find a new, confident you!



  • Introduction
  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Communication-2(Conflict Resolution)
  • Right Thinking and Crisis Management
  • Importance of Attire
  • Attitude and Aptitude
  • Theatre for Better Communication
  • Self-Assessment and Confidence
  • Meaning and Importance of Success
  • Yoga and various Ways to Handle Stress


  • Recognizing one’s voice qualities
  • Understanding the power of sound, voice and ambience sound
  • Identifying the flaws in pronunciation
  • Using voice qualities, pitch, bass, scale, timbre to communicate better
  • Understanding the power of silence and soft voice
  • The loudness, warmth and assertiveness of voice
  • Traditional courtesies, pleasantries and voice
  • Voice modulation for effective business communication
  • Certain exercises in pronunciation and breathing.
  • Exercises in singing to overcome complexes about one’s own voice
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