PR & Event Management

6 Months Certificate Course In Public Relation And Event Management

An intensive and rigorous course that will give you an insight, concrete understanding as well as professional edge to excel in PR and event management.

Supported by practical training, internship and placement assistance, the course is aimed at catapulting your career to success.

Know and master the art of organising huge commercial and artistic events suiting every occasion.


Mass communication - Definition, types, changing nature of mass comm.

  • Theories
  • Research
  • Relevance in public relations
  • Relevance in event management

Writing for the media

  • Writing press releases
  • Writing for social media
  • Writing for internal communication
  • Corporate writing
  • Usage of creative writing & presentation skills
  • Public relation
  • Theories
  • Changes and approaches to pr
  • Cultivating network
  • Scope and usage
  • Event management
  • Definition, scope, potential
  • Soft skills
  • Designing, planning, budgeting
  • Key steps to successful events
  • Scheduling of events
  • Centrality of events
  • Human resources in event management
  • Leadership and goal setting
  • Staff training and team building
  • Administration, partnerships, & coordination
  • Managing people
  • Motivation and morale studies.
  • Development of themes and projects

Fundamentals of audio-visuals

Presentations, training, portfolio

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